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Design thermowells that last and extend the life of your temperature sensors with JMS SwiftyCalc.
The only US Standard regarding the strength of thermowells has just had its first significant revision in 35 years. There are new geometries, new requirements, new capabilities and more than 60 new pages of math and physics calculations to boot in the ASME PTC 19.3-TW (2016) [updated from 2010].
Your objective? To ensure your thermowell designs meet the standard.
Your tool? SwiftyCalc. Now free from JMS Southeast, Inc. to registered users.
The JMS SwiftyCalc quickly provides you with a thermowell design based upon your material requirements and process variables that you can count on to meet the ASME PTC 19.3-TW standard. Save your results to your own account and return later to modify on the fly. JMS SwiftyCalc also provides you with instant theoretical maximums for insertion length and flow rate. SwiftyCalc is perfect for faster response time and increased reliability in your temperature measurement system.

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  • Quantify the design possibilities for your thermowell application.
  • Document temperature de-rated thermowell strength calculation results and drawings to match.
  • Promptly establish list pricing for your budgetary needs.
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