The Drafting Department of JMS Southeast operates under the supervision of our head engineer. Because of the complexity of some sensors, the specific requirements of the end user, or when a part number may not be sufficient, a drawing is easily generated.

Since 1985, we have been able to generate computer graphics (CAD) and give these drawings to your instantly through fax or E-mail or through a physical carrier such as  USPS, UPS or FedEx. Our drawings can be labeled in many languages and are available on paper, in pdf or CAD file.

The procedure for requesting a drawing is very simple:
          1. You request it.
          2. We draw it.
          3. You approve it.
          4. We sign off on it.

All of the drawings are done on 8.5" by 11" size paper, which makes them easy to manage. Also, because of the size, they can be filed in a standard filing cabinet for quick and easy access for reference. A sketch may be issued utilizing a drawing number if a product is needed in a hurry. Your signature is still required and a regular drawing will be drawn before the next order of the same item.

The following drawing is an example of a standard design:

The following drawing is an example of a unique design:

JMS uses industry standard instrumentation, mechanical, and electrical symbols on drawings. Some of the most commonly used symbols are shown below: