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In our catalog, you will find unlimited choices to create a custom sensor for your application or simply to duplicate an existing sensor. We have tried to incorporate all standard choices, but we are capable of going way beyond the catalog. We are custom manufacturers with years of experience in designing sensors for unique, standard or 'trouble-spot" applications. Feel free to call our toll free number (800) 873-1835 or (704) 873-1835 for assistance from qualified engineers on special applications. Our enthusiastic inside sales department is waiting to greet you with a cheerful southern "hello" and to guide you in the selection of a sensor, cross referencing, quotations, or best of all, to place an order.

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JMS Export Compliance Policy
To anonymously report any concern with export compliance, please complete the report form at this link.

Step by Ordering Method:

  • Locate desired catalog section.
  • Choose ordering symbol from the gray shaded areas By using the bottom gray guide blocks you may complete the entire part number. If necessary, request a JMS drawing (See Glossary pages XII, Mill). Brackets [ ] used in the ordering charts refer you to the page number where additional technical information can be found.
  • Call JMS Southeast, Inc. for order placement or quotation: 1 (800) 873-1835 or 1 (704) 873-1835. Orders and requests for quote may also be placed via email, or using the JMS website with valid log-in credentials.
  • For tagging or special product identification, see page 1-2 item #14.

Terms and Conditions of Sale:

  • SWIFTY SENSOR SERVICE - JMS offers "Swifty Sensor Service" on all standard items at no additional charge. Twenty-four hour delivery is available on most standard JMS sensors. Please contact factory to guarantee rush delivery. Standard delivery is three to four weeks after receipt of order.
  • PAYMENT TERMS - 1/2% cash discount 10 days, Net 30. One and one half percent/month finance charge after 30 days. JMS welcomes new accounts and will process orders on a C.O.D., credit card or pre-paid basis until an account is established.  Sales and delivery of products outside the continental United States of America are subject to 100% prepayment, an approved letter-of-credit or similar arrangement with JMS. Minimum $50.00 net per order.
  • TAXES - The amount of state taxes charged upon the sale and shipment of materials sold shall be added to the invoice and paid by Buyer, unless a Sales Tax Exemption Number is supplied with the order of material.
  • SHIPMENTS - All shipments will be made F.O.B. Statesville, N.C. If mode of shipment is not specified by the Buyer, the Seller will select the carrier. Shortage claims must be presented with in seven (7) days after arrival at Buyers destination. UPS / Federal Express shipments are prepaid and added. Truck shipments are freight collect. The maximum uncoiled straight lengths of JMS temperature sensors is 104" if shipped via UPS or Federal Express. Straight lengths over 104" must be specified and will be shipped via truck.
  • DELIVERY - JMS offers three delivery conditions because of our insistence on "On Time" delivery. The first and most common is the (EST) estimated date. This means that your order will be shipped anytime it is ready within three (3) days prior to the quoted date. The second condition is (MSO) must ship order. In this case, it will ship only on the date specified. The third condition is (CSD) conditional ship date, and that means that the order had certain conditions beyond our direct control which may cause the order to not ship on the required day. Conditions, among others, which might trigger a CSD would include a sub-tier supplier unsure of his delivery or quality, a prototype design or a complicated design at high risk. In every CSD the responsible condition will be stated in the quote and on the order. Upon satisfaction of the condition cited, the order will revert to the EST category. If an unexpected event causes a shipment to be delayed, you are notified when the event occurs, not when the order is already late. This gives you time and resources to assess the situation and help us help you. If by chance two events occur on the same order, special consideration is made and any and all resources we have will be used to assure you the best in quality and service. Order receipt is contingent on all completed approvals, submittals and validations.
  • SHIPMENT DAMAGES - Damage to shipments beyond the F.O.B. point is the responsibility of the carrier. Shipments should be opened promptly upon receipt and any claim for damage is to be initiated by the purchaser with the carrier. Replacement shipments will be made on a chargeable basis.
  • SUBSTITUTIONS - In order to facilitate delivery, JMS may at its own discretion substitute 304L, 316, 316L, or I-600 for 304. We may also substitute 316L for 304L and substitute 316L or I-600 for 316. You may specify "no substitutions" on your order or quote.
  • RECALL PROCEDURE - If it comes to our attention that any of our products already shipped were not in compliance with our standards, a recall will be issued. If the affected customers are readily identifiable, direct notices will be sent. All other recalls will be posted on our web site.
  • MATERIAL RETURNS - No returns for credit, warranty, repairs, or evaluation will be allowed without prior factory authorization. Write, email or call the factory for a "Received Material Authorization" number, (RMA). It is important to clearly state what the item is, original purchase order (PO) number, and the reason the return is desired. Sample materials being sent to the factory for evaluation and quotation purposes must also be assigned a RMA number by the factory prior to shipping the materials to JMS. JMS materials returned for repair will be evaluated and repaired when repair is practical, or if not practical, then upon the Buyer's consent the item will be replaced with a new unit. Material must be returned within 10 days after receipt if a problem does exist with the shipment.
  • PACKAGING - Shipments are normally packed in cardboard boxes with paper filler. Any special packaging you need such as; desiccants, zip lock bags, wooden crates, export, etc. should be specified in your purchase order.
  • QUANTITY VARIATION - On insulated wire and cable seller reserves the right to ship and invoice plus or minus ten percent (10%) of the total amount ordered.
  • BLANKET ORDERS / RPO's - Blanket orders will be accepted for a defined quantity of products with scheduled releases for a time period not exceeding one year. High volume blanket orders will result in a significantly lower price. RPO's or Rolling Purchase Orders assure that all your sensor requirements are met on time without a need for you to inventory or commit to purchases extended over 4 months. We believe in business partnerships, and we do our part.
  • CERTIFICATION - NIST traceable certification is available for temperature sensor assemblies. Certificates are limited to temperatures between -320.44°F (-195.8°C) and 3028°F (1700°C). CE markings are available.
  • CANCELLATION - On stock items, there will be no cancellation charge. On non-stock items and modified stock items, a cancellation charge may be required depending upon the nature of the order.
  • WARRANTY AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY - JMS Southeast, Inc. warrants its products against defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of delivery provided such products are properly applied, used, and maintained. In the unlikely event that a JMS product is found defective in workmanship or materials, JMS will, at its discretion, replace or repair the item in question. JMS does not warrant any product against damage from corrosion, contamination, misapplication, improper specification or wear and tear and operating conditions beyond JMS's control. JMS Southeast Inc.'s liability for any loss whatsoever, shall not exceed the purchase price paid by the purchaser for the unit or units to which a claim is made. We are glad to offer suggestions on the use of our products. However, THERE ARE NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTIBILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE GIVEN BY JMS SOUTHEAST, INC. IN CONNECTION WITH THE SALE OF ANY GOODS. In no event shall JMS Southeast, Inc. be liable for consequential, incidental, or special damages. No employee, agent, or representative of JMS Southeast, Inc. has the authority to bind JMS to any representation or warranty concerning goods or services. Product samples supplied to buyers are for the purpose of evaluating, suitability of materials, and potential use and are not intended to serve as warranted products.
  • EXPORT AND IMPORT COMPLIANCE - Buyer and Seller (hereafter also known collectively as "Parties") shall comply with all applicable U.S. export control laws and economic sanctions laws and regulations, specifically including but not limited to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), 22 C.F.R. 120 et seq.; the Export Control Reform Act of 2018; the Export Administration Regulations, 15 C.F.R. 730-774; and the Foreign Asset Control Regulations, 31 C.F.R. 500-598 (collectively, "Trade Control Laws") Both Parties shall not disclose any technical data, nor deliver, export, re-export or re-transfer any Product out of the USA, or to foreign persons or entities within the USA, without the proper written authorization and/or license from the U.S. Government. Buyer hereby indemnifies and agrees to hold Seller harmless from any costs, damages, penalties, attorney's fees and similar expenses of Seller due to Buyer's breach (or threatened breach) of such obligation. The Parties shall reasonably cooperate with each other in obtaining all required export and import licenses, approvals and/or notifications pursuant to such U.S. laws.
  • GENERAL - The terms and conditions of this section are the sole terms and conditions governing any purchase and sales contract entered into between the Buyer and Seller. No modification, addition to, or waiver of any of the terms and conditions hereof will be effective unless agreed to in a writing signed by the Seller which specifically cites this page number in any documents pertaining to exclude these terms and conditions, or part thereof. Any disputes concerning JMS products or services shall be governed by the law of the State of North Carolina, County of Iredell. All parties to a contract with JMS Southeast, Inc. stipulate that the contract was made in Iredell Couty, North Carolina and that venue and jurisdiction for any dispute regarding or arising from such contract(s) are properly maintained in Iredell County, North Carolina. Stenographical and clerical errors in these terms and conditions are subject to correction.