Metals Manufacturing & Heat Treating

Metals Manufacturing & Heat Treating

JMS manufactures a wide variety of thermocouples & protection tubes rugged enough to handle the requirements of the Metals Processing Industry and accurate and durable enough to satisfy the toughest client (or auditor) in the heat treating industry.

JMS manufactures temperature sensors and protection tubes for all types of metal manufacturing, including steel, aluminum, copper, brass, nickel and many more.

Whether your Metals Manufacturing temperature measurement application is in a furnace, part of steel or coke production, involves immersion in molten aluminum or die casting, JMS can help.

If your heat treating needs call for load temperature measurement, uniformity surveys, system accuracy tests or profiling JMS calibrated and certified probes are the best solution to make your customers happy with the quality of your end product. JMS stands ready to quickly and cost-effectively provide innovative and reliable products calibrated to ISO 17025 and fully satisfying the latest industry standards including the SAE AMS 2750G standard.  

Need a feed through harness for your vacuum furnace?  Call JMS directly or your local JMS rep for assistance today.