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JMS Southeast is proud to be able to present this website for communicating information about our products and services. Please browse around and call us on the phone for any and all your TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT AND CONTROLLING NEEDS.

What sets JMS apart from the average temperature sensor manufacturer are the "extras" we provide to you to ensure customer satisfaction. The 24 hour Swifty Sensor Service (at no extra charge), our calibration program that complies with ISO 9001 / OSHA PM 1910 and is NIST traceable, and the Rolling Purchase Order Program for special volume and OEM discounts are just a few of the "extras" that make us the best.



SwiftyQuote is our new JMS exclusive tool for JMS Southeast, Inc. members. Create & configure custom parts, generate drawings, & submit requests to our expert sales team for quotes.

To begin configuring your product, first register here and become a Member of jms-se.com. Not only will you have access to the new SwiftyQuote configurator, but also the SwiftyCalc Thermowell Designer.

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SwiftyQuote ~ Free Online Configurator Tool to Create Custom Parts

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Only from JMS, Free Online Wake Frequency
Calculations to ASME PTC 19.3TW ~ Swifty Calc!

JMS Southeast, Inc. participated in the ASME 19.3 committee performing the first major revision since 1974 to the only US thermowell strength standard. The new ASME/ANSI PTC 19.3TW standard addressing wake frequency calculations was published June 30, 2010.  It was revised in 2016 and is available for purchase from the ASME here.

In the course of revisions, the ASME Thermowells Standard has evolved from 4 pages to more than 40. For the first time it allows you to run wake frequency calculations on step wells, straight wells and more.

Make adapting to this new standard easier with SwiftyCalc™ – a FREE online software allowing you to perform and save calculations utilizing the newest standard in seconds.

Log-in, reap the benefit of our hard work and experience and find out why JMS is #1 in customer service and satisfaction.

Swifty Sensor Service

JMS offers a unique 24-hour delivery service of our products. The program is called Swifty Sensor Service and Monday through Friday, excluding holidays, and for most products this service is available at no extra charge.

JMS will build your custom sensors and even thermowells for same day ship where possible over weekends, after hours and during holidays as well but extra charges will apply as we incentivize our employees to come in and make sure our customers get what they want no matter when they need it.

Throughout the manufacturing process, JMS includes quality inspections. Our Quality Control Department conducts the final quality inspection on 100% of all sensors, including Swifty Sensor orders.

JMS ensures strict compliance with customer required specifications which may include those of ASTM, ASME, NIST, ANSI IEC, and ISA among others. We are ISO 9001 certified through Underwriters Laboratories Inc. File #10001132 QM15, so all our operation procedures and work instructions are in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.

Want to know more? Please contact us directly to speak with one of our associates or ask one of your local JMS Representatives for more information.